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We need a minimum of 5 to run the class and so booking is essential so we can keep an eye on numbers. Thank you x


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How is February going??

Ok so by now, I hope you have smashed January out the water with your goals and are still feeling positive and focused. If however, you are not or are struggling, then I want to give you 3 key strategies to get back on your winning streak.

To change how you look you must change your mindset. Thus, you need to change your attitude. Thinking obviously affects how you feel, and influences the choices you make. So believing or not believing, that you can make the changes you need to, will ultimately affect your results.

So lets make sure that we can stay on track.

1. Why do we eat?

The obvious answer is to stay alive (I feel a song coming on!) but why is it that once we eat, we sometimes feel the need to eat more so shortly afterwards?

The problem is food is ingrained in us, we celebrate with food, it comforts us and makes us feel warm and homely, it can taste amazing, but conversely we also link food to negative emotions.

I have heard it countless times with children too. “if you’re “good” you can have some sweets or chocolate”. Fear not! I have used similar tactics on my daughter a few times before. I am no saint.

But I have also told myself “What a rubbish day i’ve had today, i’ll cheer myself up with some chocolate”.

There are lots of triggers like, anger, sadness, anxiety, boredom and stress that can drive us to eat but making note of the reasons why we feel the need to eat might be the key to controlling what we actually eat.

Are we actually hungry. Probably not. so the next time you go to the fridge or pick up a chocolate bar then ask yourself “how do I feel?” “am I actually hungry right now? or is this a response to a feeling I have at this moment in time?”

If you are genuinely hungry then eat but choose wisely. If you’re not hungry then just check in with yourself and try to focus on something else that has no association with food, like a hobby or task that needs your attention and see if you can shift your mindset.

2. Wise Decisions

I know it’s easier said than done when you want a treat to choose something healthier, but if you truly want to make some changes over the long term you have to be prepared.

We’re not looking for perfection we are looking for a little better every day so we need to plan daily to eliminate the chances of reaching for that comfort food that doesn’t line up with your weight loss goals.

So when you do your shop don’t buy in the things you know won’t help you, because you will eat them if they’re there. If you have to go out of your way to indulge, you’ll be less likely to do it.

Try chopping up some carrots and red peppers for snacking or a handful of almonds.

3. Be kind to yourself.

I touched on this in Decembers article when I read a quote that really resonated with me. It said:

“You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself”

This is such a pivotal point to make because the way you see yourself and the way you talk to yourself is ultimately what you become.

Our thoughts and feelings can limit us tremendously. When you stand in the mirror what do you tell yourself in your head? you will either fall into 2 categories

  1. Hate and loathing. Telling yourself the most awful things.


  1. Acceptance and love. A feeling that you are good enough and are heading towards better things.

Find new ways to channel aggressive anger towards yourself. When you’re staring at yourself in the mirror chant a positive mantra to give yourself a fighting chance. Something like:

“I woke up in a fab mood. I’m alive and kicking and my body allows me to do wonderful things. Let’s go and achieve”

Try working on these things one-by-one and I promise you will find new ways to push through your weight loss plateaus.

Onwards and upwards….

Saski xxxx

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Well! Another year done and dusted, phew!

And so we start again…..

New Year’s Resolution anyone!?

There is always something really satisfactory about the 1st of January when starting something new. I love it, the first day of a brand new year and so much to look forward to. But I think we tend to have an all or nothing attitude, rather than just trying to be a little better in our approach to achieving health and fitness.

So here are my top 8 tips for planning a new years resolution that you can stick to.

1. Choose a realistic goal

If your goal is to lose more weight then be realistic, if you have 12lbs to lose, giving yourself till easter to achieve it is realistic, giving yourself 2 weeks is not. So make sure you don’t set yourself an impossible lofty task because you’ll set yourself up to fail, and that’s not what we want.

It doesn’t necessarily have to be a weight loss related goal either, it could be to get more quality sleep, or manage your stress levels better. You know you best, so choose the most important thing for you to get you in a healthier state.

2. Planning

This speaks for itself. How are you going to get there? and how are you going to monitor your progress? I like to have a planner where I can see each month to view. For example if your goal is going to take you 3 months then I would print off 3 months to view and stick them all together so you can see where you are on your plan and how long you have left to go. Obviously if you work differently then just go with what works best for you. But plan it all out so you have a clear direction and course of action

3. Chip away

Take each day as it comes, you have your grand plan, now break it down into bit sized pieces (no pun intended) decide what you are going to achieve either each week as you go, or day by day. Knowing what you have to do each week/day will leave you without the guess work, and you’ll be more likely to be able to complete your task if you have clear direction.

4. Don’t worry

This is not the be all and end all of resolutions we want you to go out and achieve your goals but if it’s going to make you stressed then you’ve given yourself too big a challenge. Make this as fun as you possibly can and just don’t worry about it. Seriously! Do not worry about it.

5. Plan to fail

Just remember that you are only human, you will fail some days, we all do, but the key here is not to just throw it all in for one little blip. Don’t adopt the all or nothing mentality, we want to be a little better each day, so if you don’t achieve what you set out to that day/week because something urgent or more pressing came up just write it off, don’t worry about it and move on.

6. Mini Goals in between

Set yourself some little goals along the way. If eating healthily is your resolution then why not set yourself some mini goals in between. If you plan on getting in 3 healthy breakfasts one week and you manage 4 or more, then whoop whoop you can move onto number 7…..

7. Reward Yourself

If you make your plan and follow it, then be sure to reward yourself with something along the way. Some kind of reward that makes you feel good like a little bit of retail therapy or a hot bath with candles and a good book, or maybe a spa session, nails done, you know what like, so treat yourself.

8. Just Keep Going or plan your next thing.

If you don’t achieve you goal in the timescale you’ve given yourself, don’t give up! just continue until you do the key is to think long term. Even if you changed 1 thing every week that amounts to 52 things you’ve changed during the year even if you only changed 1 thing every 2 weeks thats still 26 things you’ve changed in a year and when you think about it like that it is so achievable. And when the people around you are all planning their fitness resolutions, you can high five yourself for your perseverance and determination that you achieved what you set out to do. And best of all you won’t feel so bad when you do let your hair down over the christmas period. Because you know what it takes to get back to where you need to be and it won’t seem as daunting because you know this time you can do it!

Here’s to a wonderful and prosperous new year. Now let’s go achieve!! xx

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Christmas Tips

Wow! Christmas came around quickly didn’t it!

This month I am going to give you some tips to keep moving and reduce over eating in this full on time.

A lot of people want to know how to handle the party season, but I am going to give you advice for the 12 days of christmas which I think are the most important. Christmas day into the new year.

There is so much food and booze around at this time, and everyone’s spirits are high, so it’s easy to get swept away into some kind of diet debauchery.  So a few tips to keep you active and keep your family active and healthy too.

1: Don’t Buy Sweets and Chocolates as Gifts.

If you are trying to keep a balanced diet yourself then why would you encourage excessive eating on other people. I’m sure there will be plenty of sweets around anyway, people generally don’t need more.

2: Give Active Gifts Instead.

This is not only exciting for the recipient but could be the thing that get’s them moving more and gets them out the house. Not only that but it could also be a great family day out. So think smart.

3: Don’t Skip Your Workouts!

If your workout falls on Christmas day then do it. Either get up a little earlier if that’s possible and workout or change your workout for shorter shaper HIIT (High Intensity Interval Training) Sessions you can fit into your day. Bang for your Buck!

4: Walk. Wrap up Warm and Get Outside.

Walk after meals, walk in the mornings, walk in the evening, walk as a family, just walk. Put your fitbits and fitness watches to good use.

5: Relax.

Making sure you get some time to relax too is just as important. Christmas and New Year are so full on so make sure you give yourself plenty of time to prepare so you can kick back to enjoy some downtime with your favourite peeps.

6: Go Easy On The Booze.

You don’t need to make up for lost time, so pace yourself and make sure to rehydrate through the day and evening too. 7 glasses of water a day as a minimum (about 2 litres). So go and refresh, your body needs it. And remember salty snacks are the worst for making you drink more.

7: Ask Yourself If You Really Need It.

Nibbles with appero’s before food is the quickest way to kill your appetite but also gives you added calories that you don’t really need. So either cut them out or eat a healthy snack before going out to stop you over indulging.

8: Get Creative With Kids On New Years Eve

If you are seeing in the new year with kids then make it fun and imaginative, a gift hunt in the garden before fireworks to get you all moving and warm.

9: New Years with Adults

Get your dancing shoes ON! There is nothing more soul soothing than dancing the night away at new year with the people you love. If you haven’t done it for years then start researching for things to do in your area, surprise everyone and make a night to remember. Plus you’ll be burning some of those calories off.

10: Plan a healthy nutritious meal for New Years Day

No stodge, just good nutritious food full of plenty of vitamins and minerals. No alcohol.

11: Think About What You Want To Achieve This Coming Year.

Whatever that may entail. Wether it be fitness and health related or something you’ve always wanted to do. Make the time to make it a priority. Go and Achieve!…..

12: Most Importantly Be Kind To Yourself

I read a quote the other day that said:

“You will never speak to anyone more than you speak to yourself in your head. Be kind to yourself”

Don’t beat yourself up if you didn’t set out to do what you said. We are all learning, just pick yourself up, dust yourself off and try again. For You.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Sask xxxx


The Gym Is Open :-)

Please come down and take a look for yourselves at what we have to offer. We’d be delighted to see you.

We have membership options available and our opening hours are:

Monday: 9am-8pm

Tuesday: 9am-6.30pm

Wednesday: 11am-8pm

Thursday: 9am-6.30pm

Friday: 9am-8pm

Saturday: 9am-1pm

Sunday: Closed



Daily rate: €15

Monthly: €49

6 Monthly: €280

Yearly: €560

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SO I have unofficially opened the gym…..Want to take a look??……

This is Phase 1 for equipment Phase 2 will be later down the line to include cardio equipment like a rower, bike and ski erg, plus an extra power rack and more barbells and weight plates. But you can use it now, so come and take a peep!!! Official opening day will be 5th September. Membership available so please ask for more details.


The 27th Foulée Bussière-Poitevine

Once again the seasoned runners have taken to the streets and surrounding countryside lanes for the annual foulée in Bussière-Poitevine. Many took part, and for the 3rd year running now I have provided free massage at the finish line for lots of tired legs.

I was usually tucked in at the end of the food line but this year I have even been provided with my very own tent!! Which was lovely, and a very welcome surprise, which makes me feel very loved and very proud that I can offer something for the Bussière Pied Association to make their event slightly unique.

Once the runners come in, we all vacate to the Salle De Fete for the awards and a very welcome beer or two 😀

There are 2 races the 11km and 20km which all set off at the same time and the results of the top 3 are as follows:


1st Male: LECLERC Vivien  00:37:26

2nd Male: FILLEUL Damien  00:37:42

3rd Male: CAMPAIN Jerome  00:38:56

1st Female: DUPIN Alexia  00:49:01

2nd Female: CHOPY Pascale  00:49:22

3rd Female: CHARDERON Charlotte  00:51:19


1st Male: MEUROU David  01:15:13

2nd Male: COURTIOUX-DELAGE Mathieu  01:17:17

3rd Male: CHALARD Olivier  01:17:44

1st Female: SCARINGELLA Florence 01:35:27

2nd Female: BOURDIN Emeline 01:37:43

Here are a few pics of the day…