The 27th Foulée Bussière-Poitevine

Once again the seasoned runners have taken to the streets and surrounding countryside lanes for the annual foulée in Bussière-Poitevine. Many took part, and for the 3rd year running now I have provided free massage at the finish line for lots of tired legs.

I was usually tucked in at the end of the food line but this year I have even been provided with my very own tent!! Which was lovely, and a very welcome surprise, which makes me feel very loved and very proud that I can offer something for the Bussière Pied Association to make their event slightly unique.

Once the runners come in, we all vacate to the Salle De Fete for the awards and a very welcome beer or two 😀

There are 2 races the 11km and 20km which all set off at the same time and the results of the top 3 are as follows:


1st Male: LECLERC Vivien  00:37:26

2nd Male: FILLEUL Damien  00:37:42

3rd Male: CAMPAIN Jerome  00:38:56

1st Female: DUPIN Alexia  00:49:01

2nd Female: CHOPY Pascale  00:49:22

3rd Female: CHARDERON Charlotte  00:51:19


1st Male: MEUROU David  01:15:13

2nd Male: COURTIOUX-DELAGE Mathieu  01:17:17

3rd Male: CHALARD Olivier  01:17:44

1st Female: SCARINGELLA Florence 01:35:27

2nd Female: BOURDIN Emeline 01:37:43

Here are a few pics of the day…